July 05, 2008

BA THESIS PROJECT 2004 _Heineken FAT Festival V

BA THESIS PROJECT 2004_Heineken FAT Festival V
This is my thesis project on Visual Communication Art in BA degree.
It 's reminded me to understood the balance of radical design and marketing research.
The experiment in art direction and many of scope and prints media.
The concept is "FAT man in the Experimental land"
Scope: Logo/poster design/stage design/environment+system system
            /book  design/ souvenir set design/copy writing/radio spot.

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Alice Kring said...

Your thesis project looks great! I wonder what was the verdict of it? Well, from the looks of things, your thesis ideas were really well-planned. From the poster to the sign and stage design was all amazing. Anyway, I do hope everything went well with it.