November 04, 2008


About our favorite fab
“our favorite fab” is a band in Hokkaido-JPN, organized in 2004. “our favorite fab” digests genres from the past to present, and expresses soul music with brand new senses. “our favorite fab” is composed of some elements, like MOTOWN, SWEDEN, PUNK, and POP. “our favorite fab” makes pop-aholic world that is right, flat and concise. You will see.

our favorite fab 1st ALBUM "OUR SCENERY" Japan stores
NIW-029 2,625yen(tax in)

Direction. Taqya Furukawa (MSCdesign)
Photography. Nattanan Naewmalee, Fuyumi Aoki, Taqya Furukawa

PS. Please check their web site at

*Special thank: Taqya (MSCdesign)

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