July 17, 2010

MA Communication design, Central Saint Martins_ Final Degree show 2010

The final show at the Rochelle School, London UK, 9-12 June 2010

International finger spelling chart poster
The collection of hand signals poster

BSL Dictionary, A selection of hand shape families poster

My works: The collection of hand signals/Dictionary of BSL/ sketch and design process book/research book/ASL+BSL pictorial font set.
The collection of hand signal book: Collected and design the pictorial symbol system more than 500 hand signals and 6 main categories. from culture, trading, traffic, military, construction, sport.

Dictionary of British Sign Language (BSL): redesigned the content more than 1,300 hand signals based on the Dictionary of British Sign Language compiled by the British Deaf Association (David Brien and Mary Brennan).
MA Communication design, Central Saint Martins: Final Degree show 2010
Project: Pictorial symbol design for sign language

Since 15th century when people started learning how to communicate by hand in the way of non-verbal communication, many cultures and languages have their own sign languages and not only the deaf who communicate with it but also we can see sign language used by people in several professions.
The objective of this project is to collect and understand the information about sign language, hand signals, and the human movement. The design is based on ‘pictorial symbol’ and ‘Isotype’ design for supporting the human form with the whole hand
My project scope focuses on hand signal and profession book from British Sign language (BSL) Dictionary and international finger spelling timeline chart.

Scope of works:

British Sign language Dictionary/The collection of hand signals/International finger spelling chart poster/British finger spelling chart poster/American finger spelling chart poster/ ASL+BSL pictorial font set.

Tutors : Andrew Haslam, Maria da Gandra and Roz Streeten.
Special thank: My family, Mui, Min, Israel and Maria for very nice pictures and all of MACD friends.

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