November 16, 2010

Nattanan TSL Fingerspelling Dingbats design and posters set

Testing poster
Thai Fingerspelling base on ASL hand signal
American hand signals fingerspelling poster

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Project: Pictorial symbol design for Thai / American Fingerspelling and "Nattanan TSL Fingerspelling" Dingbats Font set for "Setsatian School for the Deaf Under the Royal Patronage of His Royal highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn"

After completing Master Degree from MA Communication Design Central St.Martin College of Art and Design by Hand signal and Pictorial symbol of BSL Dictionary and Nattanan has started applying the advanced design of Thai fingerspelling with Setsatian School under royal patronage with fully supported by the Department of Visual Communications at Assumption University

The design of fingerspelling has closely been monitored and approved by the teachers (Ajarn Waraporn Jungsuwadee) of Setsathian School to assure that it works and is eligible to be used as academic media. Nattanan also developed the poster of both Thai and American fingerspelling and designed the font “Nattanan TSL Fingerspelling” for the first time with Thai and American font template supported the font template by type designer, Mr.Pol Udomvittayanukul.( The posters and font are now available for free download on Setsatian School’s website ( The pictorial symbol will be the new standard for communication and beneficial for creating the new academic media for disabled students by the teachers themselves and all those who are interested in hand signal.

Special Thank: Ajarn. Kajornsak Thirapanish / Ajarn Waraporn Jungsuwadee / Mr.Pol Udomvittayanukul (NPThaiUnicodeSymbols) / Khun Chonticha Ungkanungdecha

>>> Go to Setsatian school reseach page "here"

>>> You can download (A3) free posters set here: TSL+ASL fingerspelling

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