April 07, 2011

CA Exhibition Design @ Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thailand

"Thai-U.S. Creative Partnership" The official Logo of this campaign. Designed by Thai designer Pitsanu Patanasuthichonkul
Graphic design on Pop up board. From The left to right "New media Communication / Communication Arts / Visual communication Arts"

Visual Communication Arts Department Vision & Mission. The Illustration has made from an varies project from VA students.

CA Exhibition Design "Thai-U.S. Creative Partnershiop"@ Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thailand

The mini exhibition that focus on Digital media and Animation education in Thailand. ABAC and Albert Laurence Communication Arts Faculty assigned me to design the exhibition to show the story and mission vision of Faculty with New media and Visual Communication Arts Department. I design based on 40 th year ABAC Anniversary CA-Exhibition art direction and design the new keys visual for Visual Communication Arts Department.

This exhibition will launch on 8th of April 2011 at Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thailand and the new U.S. Ambassador "Kristie Kenney" will visiting on that.

Also you can visit Thai - U.S. Creative Partnership website: > http://www.creativepartnership.org/

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